How much does it cost?

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Residential Organizing

How Am I Charged? 
Our jobs are charged per hour. However, we can give you a rough estimate of how much can be done within a set budget.

Can You Work Within My Budget?
If you present us with a budget, we can work with you so you are able to get the services you wantquestion mark 14 and need while staying within your budget. And there is no minimum or maximum project size.

Fees For Residential Projects
This varies depending upon the location. We serve all of Eastern Iowa and beyond, but our charges must encompass additional travel time and travel costs incurred outside of Cedar Rapids. As we are located in Cedar Rapids, our fees are lowest in Cedar Rapids.

With all our residential organizing jobs, we recommend starting with an initial consultation (2 hours).  At the consult, we look at your area(s) of concern, discuss your thoughts and challenges, and formulate a strategy. We also like to tour your entire home as this provides ideas for shifting and consolidation to optimally utilize your space.

We create a game plan of strategies, tips and ideas for tackling your project.  You can take these ideas and run with them yourself or you can hire us to come back for a session(s) where we roll up our sleeves and dig into the boxes, piles, cabinets or whatever.  At the consult, we also determine if it might be advantageous to bring along an additional organizer or two to the sessions.

Should you wish to hire us beyond the initial consult your investment depends upon your location in relationship to Cedar Rapids.

We do offer virtual coaching services. This is performed via phone, skype or Facetime. This type of service can be economically beneficial to those who live a distance outside of Cedar Rapids.

CEDAR RAPIDS FEES (as of 11-2014)

Initial Consult (2 hours): $95
Hourly Rate (With Pre-Pay): $47/organizer
Hourly Rate (Without Pre-Pay): $57/organizer

Pre-pay = Pay at the consult for the upcoming session, or at one session for the next session.

 We gladly travel outside of the Cedar Rapids area and service all of Iowa and beyond.


What clients have said about the value of our services:

download (7)“It was well worth every penny spent!”

Jan, Cedar Rapids, IA


“Becky clearly explained the options and pricing and followed through with exactly what she said she would. You will get service as promised, when promised, billed as promised.

Frank & Helen, Cedar Rapids, IA


“You are the best money ($50) we have spent!”

Marian, Cedar Rapids, IA



“We could not have done it without you.”images (36)

“We wish we had met you sooner.”

“Where were you 10 years ago?”

“I feel so much better already!”

“In a million years I never would have thought of that.”

                       and many more!