Auctions and Tag Sales

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Second GO Around Consignment grew out of nine years of working with clients and helping them disperse and dispose of their unwanted items. Second GO Around Consignment is owned by Get 391970849Organized! LLC, a professional organizing service located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. We offer consignment auctions and tag sales for Cedar Rapids, Iowa City and all of Eastern Iowa.


In addition to the consignment auctions and tag sales, Get Organized in conjunction with Second GO Around Consignment offers downsizing services. We can help you go through your items one-by-one to determine exactly what you need to keep and what you can let go of. Through a series of questions and discussions you make the decision to keep or let go. We simply guide you and provide the hands-on support you need.
During this process, we will recommend the best options for dispersing your items whether it be an auction, tag sale, store consignment or donation to your favorite charity.


Each situation is unique and there are certain criteria to be met. One of three scenarios might be appropriate.


1) An estate auction of the personal property (and/or real estate property) on site.
2) A tag sale on site.
3) Items are divided up to the best place for the most return for you. These can be:


a) Consignment auction. We take your items to an auction where lots of other peoples stuff is auctioned off at the same time. This does not occur at your home but rather at a larger public venue like a community hall. Generally high-end antiques and collectibles do best at consignment auctions.
b) Consignment stores. Some of your items might return their best dollar via sale at a re-sale or consignment store. Household home furnishing items in new or like-new condition is an example of this.
c) Donation. Some items while they may still be useful are best donated to your favorite charity of choice. A tax deduction on these items can be taken. While you won’t see immediate cash in your pocket for the donations, it can make a difference on the amount of taxes you must pay or the tax refund you receive each year.


Once we have reviewed your items, we will make a recommendation about which route is the best to go. It is all about getting you the most money back in your pocket.


We offer something no one else really does. We offer all choices or acombination of any of them.
For instance, if you were to contact an auctioneer about your items, he/she would meet with you, do an evaluation and tell you either they would or would not do an estate auction for you. In other words, what they are really determining is whether or not it is profitable enough for them to do it. If they choose not to do an estate auction, they might tell you “you could try contacting someone about a tag sale or there are plenty of consignment stores where you could take your stuff or there is always Goodwill.”
The balls back in your court, now you hunt down someone about a tag sale. Schedule yet another appointment. Same repeating process….an evaluation and they tell you either they would or would not do a tag sale for you. Yes, they are really determining whether or not it is profitable for them to do it. If they choose not to do a tag sale, they might suggest consignment stores or donation.
Once again you are back pounding the pavement with research and phone calls to the various consignment stores. What items do they take, is there a limit on how much you can bring in, when can you bring it in, what about seasonal things and what about the off-season items….


Here is where we are different….you make one phone call, you don’t work with numerous parties, that’s it. We have all the answers and if we don’t know right away, we will work to get you the answer!


If an estate auction is the way to go, we have an auctioneer.
If a tag sale makes sense, we do the tag sale.
If consignment stores are a good choice, we have our very own consignment store and we regularly use many other consignment stores in town.
If a combination of these choices is the best choice, we can make that happen!


Our goal is for your items to go to the best place possible for the best money back in your pocket.