Move Management

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Get Organized! Move Management offers a variety of aspects for those who are moving.

You choose a moving date.
Someone else does the packing, unpacking and putting everything away.
Packing doesn’t begin until 2-3 days before move day (that means you live a normal uninterrupted life).
Unpacking and putting everything away happens by the end of move day!


Our move management team does this on a regular basis! We offer an array of move management services. You can choose for us to manage the entire move or you can ala carte the services and choose only the ones you want us to do.


  • helping through the emotional process of downsizing and letting go
  • dispersing of the treasures you choose to let go of, through donation, consignment or recycling
  • home staging to help sell your current home
  • space planning
  • coordinating the movers
  • packing
  • packing supplies
  • supervising movers on move day
  • unpacking and putting everything away in a functional organized fashion with your input and direction (includes hanging pictures and professional decorating of your new home)
  • cleaning house
  • hauling trash
  • shipping or delivering items to family or friends
  • making the transition to your new home as comfortable and care-free as possible
DOWNSIZING:  Our definition of downsizing is helping you reach emotional comfort in letting something go.™ As professional organizers, we are specially trained to help with the emotional and psychological issues people may have when dealing with stuff they own. We will never tell you what to let go of or what to keep. You are always in control. Through a series of questions and discussions, Get Organized! helps you make that decision. We are simply the help you need to get the job done quickly and efficiently.


SPACE PLANNING: If your move involves a downsize to a small home, determining which furniture will fit in the new home can be a stress for many people. Our space planning service involves measuring the furniture you want to take, measuring your new home while taking into consideration important note of electric outlets, light switches, cable and internet outlets, heating and air ducts, and more. After we sketch out your new place with the important considerations, a detailed floor plan is created using your furniture. You view the new layout of furniture placement and give final approval.


Whether you are sure you want some help making your move stress-free or if you just want more information, we provide a no-cost, no-obligation 2 hour initial meeting to assess and identify all your moving needs. During this free meeting you will get very specific free information about moving and the services we offer. We also offer a no-cost estimate for packing, unpacking and putting everything away. The estimate if often done at a later appointment which is also done free of charge.


Get Organized! has been providing premier move management services for more than 7 years. We are the “Original Move Managers” of the Cedar Rapids/Iowa City area. We have been the move manager of choice for The Meth-Wick Community since 2005 and the move manager of choice for Melrose Meadows in Iowa City since 2010. We have also been managing moves at Friendship Village/Landmark Commons in Waterloo since 2009.


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