KEYNOTE: Behind the Scenes of Hoarding: Buried Alive

This picture above is EXACTLY what it looked like when Becky Esker entered the client’s home on TLCs Hit Series Hoarding: Buried Alive. Nationally known world class speaker and Certified Professional Organizer ® Becky Esker will take you behind the scenes of the filming of an episode of TLCs Hoarding: Buried Alive. See actual photos Becky took when working with the client in the weeks after the initial filming when the TRUE clean up and organizing took place. Learn what everyday kitchen item Becky uses to protect her and her crew from possible surprising rodents (and its not just gloves!). Your audience will be oohing and ahhing throughout the entire keynote.

In addition to the tell-taling photos and first-hand accounting of the one-on-one work with the client, Becky gives a glimpse into the psychology behind this ever-growing phenomenon of Hoarding. This entertaining Keynote presentation will touch all of your audience’s senses and leave them with an overwhelming feeling of inspiration and motivation. They will be itching to get back home and to the office to get their life in order!

RECOMMENDED TARGET AUDIENCES: Those who want to be motivated and inspired with increased efficiency, effectiveness and productivity.

SUGGESTED LENGTH: 45 – 90 minutes (can be tailored to client’s needs)

Pair this Keynote with any of Becky’s other workshop seminars and you have a one two punch that will leave your organization and audience members with a new found hope and specific steps for tackling the demons of inefficiency, ineffectiveness and lost productivity!





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