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Presented by Becky Esker, CPO®, Get Organized! LLC

Thanks for perusing our menu of seminars offered. All of these seminars provide motivation and information for building the skills necessary for improved efficiency, effectiveness and productivity. I have presented many of these seminars on both the local and national level.

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All of our seminars can be tailored to subject and length. They are great for Lunch ‘n Learns, ½ day or full day workshops. If there is a topic you like but don’t see it here, just let me know. We can prepare any workshop to meet your needs.


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Becky Esker
Certified Professional Organizer, Author, Speaker and Life Coach



I. Course Title: Home Organizing 101

Target Audience: Anyone interested in strategies and techniques for organizing the home.

Course Instructor: Becky Esker

Suggested Length: 1.5 – 2 hours

Course Description/Goal: Is the chaos in your home driving you crazy? Do you spend too much
time looking for things? Do you feel overwhelmed and have no idea where or how to start? This
course provides basic tips and ideas for setting up systems and utilizing your space to its fullest

Learning Objective #1: Identify what it means to be organized and how to get there.
Learning Objective #2: Implement a variety of space utilization strategies.
Learning Objective #3: Understand how to create a system for managing the daily mail and
Learning Objective #4: Enjoy your home and life better knowing there are strategies that can be
implemented to reduce the stress and chaos.


II. Course Title: Making Ends Meet: Financial Organizing & Budgeting for the home

Target Audience: Anyone interested in setting up a system for tackling credit card debt and
organizing their financial paperwork.

Course Instructor: Becky Esker

Suggested Length: 1.5 hours

Course Description/Goal: Are you late paying bills because you can’t find them? Do you avoid
paying bills because you are short on cash flow? Are you being charged interest and penalties
because you can’t get your financial life in order? Join certified professional organizer and
national speaker, Becky Esker, for tips, ideas and strategies for organizing your financial

Learning Objective #1: Identify the lifetime cost of credit card balances.
Learning Objective #2: Implement the iceberg system for rapidly reducing credit card debt.
Learning Objective #3: Determine which financial documents need to be kept and for how long.
Learning Objective #4: Budget expenses for the home.


III. Course Title: Leave the Baggage Behind

Target Audience: Older generation downsizing to smaller home or retirement community.

Course Instructor: Becky Esker

Suggested Length: 1 hour

Course Description/Goal: Are you children grown and out on their own? Would you like to
downsize and move to a smaller home or retirement community? Have you accumulated a
houseful of stuff over several decades? Would you love to move, but dealing with your stuff
keeps you from doing so? If so, this seminar is for you. Certified professional organizer, Becky
Esker will share with you tips and ideas for how to weed through your belongings and ‘let go’ of
the stuff you don’t really need.

Learning Objective #1: Recognize the emotional attachment to inanimate items and how to be
comfortable letting go of various belongings.
Learning Objective #2: Identify the various options for where purged items may go.
Learning Objective #3: Understand the process for weeding through and downsizing anything
within the home.
Learning Objective #4: Implement the four organizing techniques necessary for finding whatever
is you need when you need it.


IV. Course Title: Ready… Set…Organize Your Vacation!

Target Audience: Those interested in stress-free and well organized travel.

Course Instructor: Becky Esker

Suggested Length: 1 hour

Course Description/Goal: Tahiti, London or the Midwest – whatever your destination, a wellplanned
and organized vacation will be more enjoyable. Topics include: packing, emergency
travel kits, new travel rules, travel checklists, traveling with children and so much more. Learn to
plan any vacation, whether it involves driving, flying or cruising, nationally or internationally.

Learning Objective #1: Understand how to pack in an efficient manner for any trip anywhere.
Learning Objective #2: Identify how to safely and securely prepare your home for your absence.
Learning Objective #3: Foresee potential mishaps and prepare for them whether traveling via air,
ship or automobile. Such mishaps include cancelled flights, lost luggage and others.


V. Course Title: From Crib to College: Organizing Tips for Kids of All Ages

Target Audience: Parents or grandparents interested in techniques for keeping kids and their
stuff organized.

Course Instructor: Becky Esker

Suggested Length: 30 minutes

Course Description/Goal: It is amazing that such a tiny infant can require so much stuff! What
do you do with the stuff and how do you keep it organized? As kids grow older, the
organizational challenges may change. Instead of bouncer seats and baby bottles, there are toys,
legos, baby dolls, and video games. This presentation addresses the organizing tools and
strategies needed to keep your kids organized from the crib to college.

Learning Objective #1: Understand the basic organizing techniques and how to implement them.
Learning Objective #2: Identify unique ideas for utilizing the space specific to your child’s stuff.
Learning Objective #3: Demonstrate how to handle the sentimental items your child makes and


VI. Course Title: Work-Life Integration

Target Audience: Anyone interested in techniques for managing the overlap of work and home.

Course Instructor: Becky Esker

Suggested Length: 1.5 – 2 hours

Course Description/Goal: Do you find the demands of your job ever increasing? Is it difficult to
stay focused? Is prioritizing your tasks daunting? This workshop will address the physical,
mental and time demands of a busy schedule.

Learning Objective #1: Define and discuss the various time management and task management
Learning Objective #2: Demonstrate the key time thieves and how to combat them.
Learning Objective #3: Apply a hands-on “Time-Value Test” to determine the value of the time
spent on various activities. This will be the blue-print for prioritizing tasks whether at home or


VII. Course Title: Organizing Your Home Office

Target Audience: Anyone interested in strategies and techniques for organizing a home office.

Course Instructor: Becky Esker

Suggested Length: 1.5 hours

Course Description/Goal: Does your home office resemble the path of a tornado? Are there piles
everywhere? Is it difficult to find documents and records when you need them? Not sure how
long to keep financial records? Valuable tips for everyone!

Learning Objective #1: Learn how to gain back one hour each day.
Learning Objective #2: Understand a general system for processing and managing paperwork.
Learning Objective #3: Reduce the stress involved with the piles of paper.


VIII. Course Title: Clutter 911

Target Audience: Anyone interested in the basic strategies for getting a handle on clutter.

Course Instructor: Becky Esker

Suggested Length: 20 – 40 minutes

Course Description/Goal: Is clutter encroaching on your life? Would you like to have a better
understanding of how to manage your clutter? If so, this presentation will give you some basic
strategies to tackle your clutter once and for all.

Learning Objective #1: Identify what is clutter and how it surfaces.
Learning Objective #2: Confront and conquer your clutter in a simple manner.
Learning Objective #3: Take the first step towards reducing the clutter stress and enjoying life.


IX. Course Title: Closet and Clothing S.O.S.

Target Audience: Anyone interested in image education and closet organization.

Course Instructor: Becky Esker and Pat Roland

Suggested Length: 1.5 hours

Course Description/Goal: Is your closet full of the right clothes? If it’s time for an overhaul,
we’ve got a class for you! Image educator Pat Roland will guide you through determining which
clothes and colors most enhance your shape and skin tone. Then professional organizer Becky
Esker will teach you how to sort, weed and purge your fashion accidents, resulting in a closet full
of ready to wear flattering fashions.

Learning Objective #1: Identify your body shape and skin tone.
Learning Objective #2: Understand which styles and colors of clothing enhance your body.
Learning Objective #3: Organize a picture perfect functional closet after S-WEE-P’ing through
all your clothing.


X. Course Title: Balancing the Holiday Hustle and Bustle

Target Audience: Anyone interested in controlling the holidays rather than the holidays
controlling them.

Course Instructor: Becky Esker

Suggested Length: 1 hour

Course Description/Goal: Do you find it difficult to enjoy the holidays because of all the
ensuing chaos and activities? Do you feel exhausted from November through the first of the
year? Would it help if you could find the time to organize your life so you could rediscover the
true meaning of the holiday? If so, this course if perfect for you.

Learning Objective #1: Identify the causes of holiday stress.
Learning Objective #2: Understand how to use the tools needed to manage the time and
activities during the holidays.
Learning Objective #3: Implement strategies for combating the holiday stress.


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